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49 Bent Street, Lindfield

49 Bent Street, Lindfield

October 2, 2014.

Re: Mr Raymond Chu, Golden Peak Properties

It is my pleasure to be able to give an unhesitating endorsement of the Golden Peak Real Estate agency and its principal Mr. Raymond Chu.

Raymond is a kind, warm engaging person and very capable businessman who is hard-working and determined. With these attributes, and with his language skills and cultural understanding, he was able to develop the rapport with the purchaser of my property that got the sale over the line.

Raymond and his agency were able to get a good price for my property is less than half the time it took for a much larger multi-list agency to flounder and fail.

Raymond’s approach was to be open, frank and honest with potential purchasers enabling him to be able to highlight the many advantages of the property as well as acknowledging the limitations.
This engendered trust and confidence, in the potential purchasers.

Raymond, unlike several agencies I had explored, was prepared to listen to, and follow a preferred marketing strategy. He also offered excellent rates. He kept me up to date with progress in the marketing of the property and worked hard to achieve its successful sale.

We are very grateful to Raymond and would not hesitate to engage his services in the future.

Tony Homer

Metro Spire Chatswood S2901

Metro Spire Chatswood S2901

8 October 2014

Dear Raymond & Colinna

I am writing to express my thankful to you in finding good tenants for my unit.

I knew it was a big challenging and tough job to your company in the current situation but both of you have presented high standard professional service in the rental process.  You kept suggesting and launching different strategies in helping my unit with great competition compared with others in the market.  You kept updating me the marketing values and rental trends of my property.  You were so kind in answering my calls in any time regardless days or nights.  I was so impressed with your prompt responsiveness, hard-working and dedication with my rental affairs.  Your excellent services make me feel secure to have my property managed by you.

Both of you did a fantastic job, well done.  Your company is worth to be rewarded with so many likes .

God Bless 


Metro Spire Chatswood

Metro Spire Chatswood

14 August 2014

A note to you for the excellent service :)

Dear Raymond and Colinna,

We want to compliment you for your excellent and professional service in finding a tenant for our unit 803/1 Post Office Lane, Chatswood..
We sincerely appreciate and impressed with the responsiveness and promptness service provided by you to get a tenant less than 5 days.

Thank you for your hard-work, dedication and commitment. Such service builds great reputation and we would not hesitate to recommend you to others.
You are the best agent I ever met!

Best Regards, 

Wei and Ai

Victoria Gardens, Chatswood

Victoria Gardens, Chatswood

5 August 2014

Hi Raymond,

I wish to thank you and Colinna for your professionalism and efficiency in the leasing process as well as ongoing management of our leased property. Your commitment and responsiveness (no matter which day of the week it is) is sincerely appreciated. We know we can count on you.

Thanks and regards

Tina Sheng
Victoria Gardens, Chatswood

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