Raymond Chu

Raymond Chu

L.R.E.A. Director

A true business veteran, with an understanding of sales spanning decades and global markets, Raymond Chu has found his calling in running a family operated business in Sydney, the city he has called home for 20 years. According to Raymond, the key to Golden Peak’s success is that the family he works with are “so close-knit. We communicate well and know exactly how to assist each other. All of us have solid work ethics and take accountability very seriously, helping us build a very strong family brand”.

Much of Raymond’s professional life was dedicated to running a textile business in Hong Kong, importation of fabrics from across Asia. Raymond relocated to Australia in 1997. In 2003, at the age of 48, he enjoyed six years of retirement, travelling and learning skills such as photography and Feng Shui.

Never having lost his keen sense for business, Raymond saw the opportunity to establish Golden Peak Property in 2013. Raymond identified Chatswood as a developing area attracting increasing demand from Chinese buyers. Raymond sought to use his experience in business dealings in Asia to establish sales opportunities and a strong network of local and international clientele with long-term interests in the area.

Raymond’s clients have benefitted enormously from his formidable negotiation skills and his commitment to going the extra mile to provide superior customer service and first-rate results. 

Now one of Chatswood’s most highly respected sales agents, Raymond looks forward to overseeing how the next generation of his family will adapt to the challenges of a changing Sydney marketplace.

“I believe they are great business leaders who will continue to expand the business while retaining strong, independent family values we are known for”.